Away We Go | 3.15.17

img_5367We moved here June 2016 and in less than a years time we started itching again. As beautiful as this place is, it isn’t home. 

We were previously renting my mother-in-law’s home when she moved in with her boyfriend (now husband), and it never felt like home for us; it felt like we were long term house-sitters. At the time, using all of her furniture that she didn’t need, right down to her gorgeous teal dishes, felt like the economical way to get a home goods makeover, but we now realize it made it really difficult for us to make the space ours. She was cutting us an incredible deal on rent, the house was cute and safe with a gorgeous backyard that my kids loved. So, why then, weren’t we happy? Over time a strange cloud had settled over my husband and I, and we began to suspect the house might have some bad juju. We eventually let a lot of minor things snowball into issues so large we felt our only way to feel normal again was to cut and run. We began looking for homes to buy in the Tehachapi area, thinking that the hour and a half distance from everything would be an enormous perk.

Fast forward to the new year when that all too familiar itch started begging to be scratched. This time, we weren’t unhappy per say, we just weren’t sure that we were meant to be here. We started wondering if we’d run a little too fast and a little too far away. However, being that we hadn’t even lived here for 7 months at the time, I really didn’t think we’d even be in a position to sell our home. We decided that we needed to make a decision and stop living in ‘what-if’ land and we ultimately chose to contact a realtor to discuss our options.

Our realtor has been fantastic and we were within 2 weeks of closing escrow, all set to move into an apartment in town. The decision, while logical, lacked true appeal. Did we really want to move our two, soon to be three, children into an apartment? The rent was set to be over $200 more than our mortgage here, on a year lease, with no outdoor space for the kids to play. Would this be just a move leading directly into another? We kept hoping something would magically open up but all of the home rentals in our price range were in horrible parts of town, and everything else was just ridiculously expensive.

Meanwhile, my mother-in-law and her new husband have begun the process of selling one of their commercial buildings to purchase a few different residential properties to eventually supplement their retirement income. She offered to rent one of the properties they were planning to purchase to us, but because we knew we would be locked into a lease by the time their sales all closed we had to decline.

As a last ditch effort, I made a post online asking if by chance anyone knew of any affordable rental homes in safe areas that were available now, and then I deleted it because I knew it was such a long shot. My mother-in-law promptly text me saying she saw my post and mentioned the homes they are planning to purchase again. I jokingly said, “well, we want to buy a travel trailer, so we’ll just park it on your land until the homes are ready!” She came back with something along the lines of, “you know, that really isn’t a bad idea!” And the joke slowly started to become a question, “could this actually work out?”

After a lot of logistical questions and conversations, we all decided to go for it. Worst case scenario, we end up in an apartment anyway, and now with a travel trailer to use for vacations. Best case scenario, we get to rent a house in an area we love and we get a travel trailer for vacations.

So that leads us here.

It’s Wednesday night. We’re set to pick up our new R-Pod 179 trailer tomorrow after my husband gets off of work (his name is Jason, by the way). We’re planning on finishing our packing on Friday, driving our travel trailer up to our new temporary home on my in-laws horse ranch, and spending our first night in it there. I plan to wake up incredibly thankful for this view.

Our planned parking spot on the ranch.


Every other weekend my husband has a three-day weekend and we plan to utilize many of those to take trips in our new travel trailer to give everyone some time to themselves and to begin exploring. I’m eager to experience traveling in a way I never really have before, and I’m looking forward to exposing the kids to new experiences, people, and places. I anticipate living in such tight quarters will have it’s major downsides, but I also hope that we’ll have moments of so much thankfulness, awe, adventure, and learning that it evens out. I am extremely excited at the newness of it all and even how strange and off beat this choice feels at times. I’ve always enjoyed a good change of pace, and at least for a while, this will certainly fit the bill.

Did I mention I’ll also be homeschooling the tail end of my daughter’s kindergarten year in a travel trailer? I feel like its a bit serendipitous… next week will be our first in the travel trailer living on a horse ranch and we’ll just so happen to begin her “H for Horse” unit that week as well. I hope things continue to fall into place. They really have all along.

So, I hope you’ll stay tuned for our adventures to follow: adjusting from life in a 1300 sq. ft home to living in a 20ft travel trailer, taking some of our first vacations in our little home on wheels, finishing kindergarten, finding our rental home, and ultimately pulling up stakes and moving again… oh and having another baby!

Away we go.

(R-Pod 179 photos taken from the page)


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  1. Blume Bauer says:

    This sounds like such an exciting journey! I can’t wait to hear what it’s like to live in a travel trailer – even if it turns out to be temporary. I bet it will be fun!

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