Not in Hot Water | 3.24.17

After my second freezing cold shower of the week because I’m stubborn and apparently enjoy being miserable, my husband was finally home for the weekend and determined to figure out why we can’t get hot water to work in our new R-pod 179.

It is also, thankfully, a beautiful sunny day with a light chilly breeze.

3.24.17 13.24.17 17

Part of the reason we’ve had such a hard time figuring out the hot water situation is that we could not locate the actual hot water tank to save our lives. All week I’ve been just flipping the “water heater” switch and saying a prayer, which for some unknown reason wasn’t working no matter how many times I tried it.

There are only two panels on the outside of the R-pod, so it had to be inside one of them; and due to the fact that one was only maybe 4 inches deep with various small valves, it was most likely in the larger storage compartment.

3.24.17 23.24.17 6

Jason had done some Google research and knew to some degree of certainty that he was looking for red and blue hoses going into the hot water tank with the valves on them that should be open, being shut. It wasn’t until he had climbed fully into the belly of the storage compartment, with me laughing at him and snapping photos, that he realized the water heater was under our bed and that he’d have to access it from from inside the R-pod.

I really enjoyed the fact that it looked like the trailer was eating him.

He climbed inside of the trailer and unmade the bed he had just so kindly made for us earlier this morning, and tried to figure out how to open something that he has to simultaneously be sitting on. Luckily, he managed to figured it out because I’d still be sitting there, probably crying.

I enjoyed his struggle here as well. I also truly appreciate the fact that, strange as it seems, he tends to have a better attitude about annoying situations when I’m there laughing at/with him. 

And voila! Will you just look what he found under the bed:

3.24.17 21

Then there was a brief, “Now that I’ve found it, what is it I’m supposed to do with it again?” moment where he consulted with Google.

3.24.17 20

And, I am happy to report that Google (and my husband) FIXED THE HOT WATER!

3.24.17 22

You obviously can’t tell from the photo, but this water is hot. Hot water just like hot water was always meant to be.

3.24.17 23.jpg

I’d never realized the degree to which I’d previously taken it for granted until now, but hot water is amazing, it rules all, and I love it. I’m about to be so warm while I’m getting so fresh and so clean, ya’ll.


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