Doing Life | 4.18.17

I haven’t posted much because, well, I don’t have much to post. We’re trying to settle in but things have been slow going.

We avoided moving a lot of things in for a while because I came across one spot of what I believe to be termite frass in our new rental. We notified the landlord who came over to check it about a week later. I saw it everyday for several days even though I cleaned it up each day, but mysteriously since the landlord has been here I haven’t seen it since. He said that he would send a pest control person over to check it out but it’s been a week since then and we haven’t had anyone come by.

Possible Termite Frass?

We decided to go ahead and start moving things in because he doesn’t seem concerned, but if it were my property and my investment I’d have someone over right away to minimize any potential future damage and assess any damage that has already been done. So, that’s left us with a bit of an unsettled feeling. Luckily though we haven’t noticed any other strange signs of pests or problems.

Well, I take that back! We haven’t found any other signs of pests but we did find a snake skin out in the yard while my husband was weed whipping! I guess it could be a lizard skin or something but… it’s probably a snake skin. They are all over in this area.


I told him we needed to knock down the grass because I was getting afraid of letting the kids go outside to play because it was getting so tall and snakes love to hide in it. We don’t have a lawnmower anymore, as our Tehachapi house had nothing but dirt in the backyard and rocks in the front yard, so he had to use a weed-whip for the whole thing. A few of my friends have said they’ve had to do the same exact thing though, so I guess it’s not that weird.



We have been living and sleeping in the living room because we threw out our couches when we first moved and decided beds were better than the floor to hang out on during the day. I didn’t mind much at all until my father-in-law brought is girlfriend over to check out the house and all of the sudden I was very aware of how strange our new space looked from the outside. It didn’t help that my daughter was making a huge mess at the kitchen table trying to make Easter cookies, and on the other end of the table was a box of kitchen stuff and our crate of homeschool stuff. You never really notice the reality of your messiness until you’re forced to let someone else into your world. She didn’t seem to mind but I couldn’t help feeling a bit embarrassed and promised to have her over again once our place looked more like a home instead of a frat house.


The good news is that our new couches just came yesterday so our beds are officially out of the living room!

I mostly sat on the floor the entire day even though we now had couches, they just feel too new and I’m not ready to ruin them. My mom came over to visit us in the afternoon and I kept jokingly making her switch seat cushions so that they would “wear evenly”. But, by the evening I was cozied up on the couch with my honey talking about his workday and thankful to have my (shoeless) feet up and my back supported.

Couch and tables are from Ashley Furniture, if you’re curious!


We also have our first trip in our travel trailer scheduled for this coming weekend! I can’t wait to take photos and write about our experience using it as a recreational vehicle instead of a temporary home. Maybe it’ll be exactly the same, who knows! We leave Thursday morning, it’s Jason’s 34th birthday on Friday, and then we’ll check out around noon on Saturday to head back home. We’re planning to also meet up with Jason’s dad and girlfriend for a meal one of the days we’re there, as his girlfriend lives very nearby, so that will be a fun bonus.

Do you have any plans this weekend? I’d love to hear about them!



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