Oceanside | 5.26.17


We spent the weekend before my son’s 3rd birthday, 5/19-5/21, in Oceanside, CA. 

We started a “travel journal” to document our trips. We’re trying to keep the entries short, just writing down where we went and why, and then any memorable things that DSC_5803DSC_5822
happened. For example on this trip, a small sand crab crawled into my daughter’s sandal and burrowed between the pad of her foot and toes and everyone on the beach must have thought a shark came on shore by the way she screamed and cried “I don’t want it! I don’t want it on me!” the entire time she ran from the waterline where she was looking for sand crabs to where I was sitting.


We also decided to jot down the pros and cons of the park we stayed at so that we’d have a reference in the future if we ever wanted to go back. I decided to lean that way with my blog posts about our trips also, in case anyone is looking for that sort of thing.

We arrived at Oceanside RV Park well after check-in on Friday afternoon because of horrendous traffic on the I-5. We got there about 4:30pm, and right away Jason decided to ask the office about extending our stay by one day, which they were able to do with no problems. The first thing I noticed about the RV Park was it’s location: on one side it is separated from a graveyard by train tracks, and on the opposite side it is nestled beside a used car dealership. Directly across the street is a bowling alley. But, we came to Oceanside RV Park as a means to an end, we just wanted to camp near Legoland, so while the area wasn’t exactly beautiful it wasn’t a deal breaker by any means either.

The next thing I noticed was that each of the sites appeared to have their own partial privacy fence. Each site also had a round picnic table and a pretty decent amount of concrete space. Our tiny rig afforded us a lot of spare space but even the larger RV’s still had a good amount of room.

Oceanside 1
Our site at the Oceanside RV Park in Oceanside, CA

As soon as we were set up, our neighbor in a gorgeous new Winnebago RV came out and informed us that there are ants really bad here and that we should be mindful of any treats left out inside or outside of the trailer. Jason ran to the store for a small ice cooler, and during the short time he was gone I noticed a sizable line of ants had formed from the grass line running straight under our trailer and to the other side. I text Jason to pick up some ant spray. When he got back and was spraying the perimeter he chuckled that he felt silly spraying for ants while camping, “you don’t worry about bugs when you’re camping!” And for a second I figured it was pretty silly, but then again, I wouldn’t worry about bugs if I were tent camping, but when you’re in a trailer and you get an ant (or other insect) infestation it can be a huge bummer and problem to get rid of. I figured we were better safe than sorry, and I’m glad he sprayed because we didn’t see another ant the entire weekend.

Though with that said, I can see why the ants are so prevalent. One of the other strange things you’ll notice about this RV park are the amount of stray cats about. Our neighbor to the opposite side of us put out piles of wet and dry cat food in various locations around his site daily. Both of our neighbors appeared to be in various states of full-time RV living, as did many other residents of the park. It was a bit of a different vibe than we experienced in Dockweiler, and it felt much more like a trailer park or small neighborhood than it did a vacation spot. Not better or worse necessarily, just different.


I read a few reviews of the park online on the way down and a few people commented that you would never sleep with the trains going by so close. I’m not sure if it was because our site wasn’t very close to the tracks but we weren’t bothered by the trains at all.

The park was within a 2 minute drive (and probably a 10 minute walk) to the beach; so while you couldn’t see it from the park, you weren’t far at all either. From the street closest to the RV park that lead straight out to the beach, you’re dropped off at a strange area where the tide comes almost all the way up to the rocks that border the beautiful condos above. We easily found street parking and because of that we weren’t sure if we’d wandered onto some sort of private beach.

I’m not sure why he does this, but he does it everywhere.



We had a really nice time at the beach, Legoland, and the RV park itself. We visited Starbucks probably way too much because it was just a few minutes drive away. We had IHOP for dinner the day we went to Legoland and we had Menchie’s ice cream the night before we left. Everyone we came in contact with at Oceanside RV Park were kind and seemed courteous. The bathrooms were pretty well kept, and the little store inside of the office area was fairly well-stocked. We pulled out of the park as easily as we had pulled in and our last impressions of the park were simply that it was a nice place to stay.

You can’t ask for much more than that!


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  1. Blume Bauer says:

    Sounds like fun! Not quite a nature experience at the campground but close to the beach and that is awesome.


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